Rules & Regulations

Betting company Crickex accepts bets on sporting events (hereinafter “Events”) in accordance with the terms of this User Agreement. By placing a bet on the site you agree to all the terms of this agreement.

Suspicious Activity Rules

We reserve the right to suspend, delay or cancel your bet or deposit in case of confirmation of suspicious activity, which includes:

  • The use of software to change or mask the IP address;
  • Registering and using multiple accounts;
  • The use of controversial situations for the purpose of gaining profit.

Betting terms and conditions

All users are required to read the Terms and Conditions relating to betting on the Crickex website:

  • Predictions are accepted on the basis of the sports line – a list of future or current events with suggested odds to win.
  • Changes to the line and spread may occur after any bet has been placed, but the terms of previously placed bets remain the same.
  • The amount spent on bets during the day cannot exceed the maximum amount shown in the line. Once the limit is reached, no bets will be accepted on the same event.
  • If mistakes are made by staff or software malfunctions during preparation and publication, bets will be invalidated.
  • The start time of sporting events mentioned in the line is for information purposes only. If the date is incorrect, it is not a sufficient reason to cancel the bet if it is placed before the start of the match.
  • The user cannot cancel a bet after a coupon has been made and a bet has been placed on the company’s website.
  • One player is only allowed to have one playing profile. He is not allowed to give access to his account to third parties.

Additional conditions

  • If a sporting event does not start on time and is postponed by more than 36 hours from the scheduled time, all bets will be settled with odds 1.
  • If the match is transferred to the opponents’ home field, all bets will be refunded. If the event takes place on a neutral field or is transferred to another city, the bets remain valid.
  • If more than one participant/team is declared the winner, bets on one of them winning are settled at odds of 1.
  • The company recognises the results of events on the basis of authoritative sources of information and official records after the end of the game. In case of any disputes arising due to discrepancies in the results of different sources the final verdict on the outcome of the event shall be made by Crickex.

Rules of cricket betting

  • Bets on the winner of the event are settled according to the official results of the match. The same applies to bets that are affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • If there is no information on the outcome of the event in official sources, all money spent on bets will be returned to users’ accounts.
  • If a match ends in a draw, the Dead Heat rule applies to the calculation of the bet – a condition for splitting the winnings if more than one winner is determined.
  • Bets are settled according to official sources, if the outcome of the match is decided by means of a super overturn.
  • In the case of a tie in the first level matches, bets are settled according to the Dead Heat rule.
  • Bets are voided if the event is interrupted due to external interference. The exception to this is when the winner is established based on the official rules of the event.
  • Bets will be refunded in games with limited number of overs, if in each innings less than 80% of overs have been completed due to external factors.

User Betting Disputes

Players who have any questions about the betting rules on Crickex should contact the support team at: [email protected]