Crickex has created a comfortable environment for players from Bangladesh by expanding the range of deposit and withdrawal services. Certified payment systems include PhonePe, iPay, Rupee-O, PayTM.

Crickex has created comfortable conditions for depositing and withdrawing funds

Crickex has created a comfortable environment for Bangladesh players by expanding the choice of deposit and withdrawal services. Certified payment systems include PhonePe, iPay, Rupee-O, PayTM. All of them are connected to the website and guarantee safe financial transactions. In this article, we describe all available payment service providers, minimum and maximum transfer limits, and crediting periods.

Crickex Deposit Methods

Cash transactions in Crickex Deposit

The betting company’s website is translated into English, so users from Bangladesh have no difficulty making money transactions. Crickex Deposit has about 10 ways of payment available, including cryptocurrency, mobile payment systems, online banking and e-wallets.

Minimum limits

Bettors from Bangladesh can open a gaming account in Bangladeshi taka (BDT) to avoid unnecessary currency conversion charges. All transactions are free: no commission is charged regardless of the number of payments made. Crickex accepts deposits from ৳200, but the minimum limit is higher at ৳1,000 for cryptocurrency deposits.

Payment systemMinimum depositMaximum deposit
Local Bank৳500৳30 000
iPay৳200৳50 000
PhonePe৳200৳50 000
UPI৳200৳50 000
IMPS৳200৳50 000
Bank Deposit৳200৳50 000
Paytm৳200৳50 000
USDT ERC20৳1 000৳500 000
USDT TRC20৳1 000৳500 000

Methods of replenishment

The choice of payment options is not limited to debit cards and virtual wallets. Deposits can be made via international payment systems, using a mobile device or from an online banking account:

  • Paytm is one of Asia’s leading payment services with a daily turnover of over US$4 million. It supports multiple payment sources, including Paytm Postpaid and Net Banking. Transactions are processed within seconds, ensuring almost instant money is credited to the Crickex account.
  • UPI is an international payment provider popular among users of entertainment portals. Transactions are performed using reliable encryption technology, which rules out the possibility of payment details being stolen by internet fraudsters.
  • IMPS is an electronic payment system launched in 2010. It is designed for transfers between bank accounts via a smartphone. The service cooperates with trusted banking institutions in India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries.
  • iPay is one of MasterCard’s most trusted partners in Asia, designed for online payments using a smartphone. Users can make money transactions without entering a current account or bank card number. A native app has been developed for Android devices to facilitate payment management.
  • Local Bank – money transfers using cards issued by local banks. Bengalis can use Pubali Bank, AB Bank, Dhaka Bank and other financial institutions.
  • PhonePe is a convenient service for recharging your account from your phone and paying for internet services. Guarantees instant funds transfers and high transaction security with the use of QR code.
  • Bank Deposit is one of the most common ways to make payments online. The Crickex website supports bank cards of the most popular payment systems: Visa and MasterCard.
  • Cryptocurrency is a convenient and fast method of conducting transactions. The tokens offered are USDT ERC20 and USDT TRC20. Funds are converted at the current exchange rate on the digital currency market.

Timing of replenishment

Money is credited to the gaming account instantly, regardless of the payment method chosen by the user. Keep in mind that local banks may refuse to process money transactions in favour of gambling sites. If it is not possible to transfer money by debit or credit card, use alternative instruments such as virtual cards, cryptocurrency, mobile payments.

Crickex Withdrawal Methods

Cash transactions in Crickex Withdrawal Methods

Crickex withdrawals are made to local bank cards, mobile payment systems and virtual wallets. No commission is charged by the betting site. However, up to 3% of the amount may be charged to the payment provider as a transaction processing fee.

Minimum limits

Regardless of your choice of Crickex financial service, the minimum withdrawal is 2,000 BDT. Payouts are made from verified accounts. So before applying for a cashout you need to verify your contact details by sending a passport or driving license photo to the helpdesk. You can verify your phone number and e-mail under “My Walle” and copies of your ID should be sent to: [email protected].

Payment systemMinimum outputMaximum output
Paytm৳2 000৳99 000
Local Bank৳2 000৳99 000
PhonePe৳2 000৳99 000
UPI৳2 000৳99 000

Withdrawal methods

A maximum of 2 bank cards can be linked to a gaming account. There are only 4 services available for cashing out:

  • Paytm. The payment system supports Mastercard and Visa cards. To speed up transactions, a QR-scan confirmation of payments is provided.
  • UPI. The provider’s cards are issued in many Asian countries, including Bangladesh. Its users can convert funds with minimal fees.
  • PhonePe. The digital payment service is in demand among Crickex players. Allows you to accept transfers based on credit and debit cards, virtual wallets and UPI.
  • Local Bank. The bank transfer system is user-friendly for mobile device users. Transactions are processed in real time, ensuring that money is quickly credited to the cards of local financial institutions.

Timing of withdrawal

Payout requests are processed within 6-24 hours. Before approving a request, Crickex finance-related staff will check to see if the player is in breach of the terms of the user agreement. If there are suspicious transactions indicating the use of money laundering schemes, the transaction will be rejected.

It is important to bear in mind that it is not only the betting company that is responsible for the speed of crediting the money. Disbursements may be delayed due to the slowness of the staff of banks and other financial institutions. In isolated cases, withdrawal times are extended due to software failures.

Crickex Cash Out

The Cash Out service allows you to calculate the Crickex bet

The Cash Out service allows a bet to be settled before the outcome. In other words, the user activates the option for Crickex to redeem the bet before the completion of the event. The payout is determined by the office itself.

The early calculation of bets is relevant when:

  • A favourable outcome happens. For example, a bettor bets on a football team to win, but doubts they will be able to hold onto the lead until the end of the match. He asks for a buyout in order to lock in a profit and avoid a loss if the chosen team loses.
  • An unfavourable outcome happens. The athlete or team on whose victory the bet was made loses. The chances of the situation changing are minimal, so the player sells the bet to the betting office in order to recover some of the amount he has bet.

In addition, Cash Out is often used in random one-click betting. In Crickex, you cannot mark a bet placed, but you can sell it. In essence, this option is not much different from insurance, only it is reduced to the click of a button.

Rules for redeeming a bet

Bet Redemption Rules Crickex

It should be understood that the company buys players’ bets on favourable terms. So before using a cashout, it is advisable to calculate the future profit or loss. You can use the formula for this purpose:

( H × (F1 – 1) – H × (F2 – 1)) / F2, where

  • H is the size of the bet;
  • F1 is the initial coefficient;
  • F2 is the coefficient at the time of betting redemption.

Here is an example of calculating profit to illustrate the point. Consider a game between two tennis players. Suppose Crickex estimates the odds of the second athlete winning at odds of 3.0. The user bets ৳2,000 on him. The first game goes well for the second tennis player and ends 4-6. Play continues, but the odds change. The odds on the second player to win drops from 3.00 to 1.50. The first tennis player tries to rehabilitate himself and makes virtually no mistakes on the court.

How much the user will receive if they request a bid buyout right now:

(2000 × (3 – 1) – 2000 × (1.50 – 1)) / 1.50 = 2000.

So, if the forecaster insures the bet, the net profit will be ৳2,000. But note that this formula does not take into account the commission.